Detonating Cord

Product is with PETN core, high strength polypropylene wrapping material and moisture resistance barrier with thermoplastic coating. 
Specification  Φ12g/m, 5g/m and etc...according to customers' requirement. 
Using PETN as the explosive core and high-strength propathene as the wrapping material,
it is one type of explosive material with thermoplastic plastics as the damp-proofcourse.
It applies to network installation blasting operation of open air and(or) without gas,coal and mine dust and other explosion hazard.
Its production line adopts advanced domestic production technology and equipment,featuring high safety and automation, it divides automatic pouring of explosive,cord manufacturing and rolling into three separate protection parts,realizing linkage integration. It is able to detect automatically explosive level and status of equipment operation.It specializes in producing high quality detonating cords of various specifications


Regular detonating cord


Range of application

The regular detonating cord product is with the characters of easy operation, reliable propagation, thunder and lightning resistance, anti-stray current, same time initiation for the loading groups and millisecond short period delay blasting achievement and so on. It is used for blasting projects of open blasting, deep downhole blasting, chamber blasting and underwater blasting and so on. It is prohibited to use in the dangerous conditions that contain gas, mine dust and coal dust.






Outside diameter:






Main technical parameters



Powder amount:

MPETN, not less than 10.5g/m



not less than 6000m/s


Initiation ability:

detonating cord with length of 1.5m should completely initiate a 200g pressed TNT slab that is made with WJ85 regulation.


Propagation property:

connected with standard method, initiated with 8# detonator, detonation should be complete.


Water resistance:

water pressure 50KPa, water temperature 10~25℃, after 5hrs immersion, propagation should be reliable.








Expiration time:

5 years.


Inspection standard

GB9786-1999《Regular Detonating Cord》