High Strength Shocktube

High strength shocktube
Shock Tube
Technical Data Sheet
Product Description
Elastomer based tubing consisting of four thin layers of various plastic polymers. The product color can be yellow, green and pink. The inside wall of the tubing contains an explosive mixture of RDX and fine-grain aluminum powder.  The VOD  of detonator shall be larger than 1900 m/s.
Product Range
The product is supplied in reels of 500m.
UN Classification
Class 1.4, UN No. 0349, shock tube
Article, Explosives N.O.S (Shock Tube)
  • Shock tube in 0# fuel at the temperature of 80℃±5℃ and with a pressure of 0.3 MPa±0.02 MPa for 24 hours, and then self-cooling. And the products should still be able to transmit detonation normally
  • 40kg breaking load maximum
  • The tubing is left intact after use.
  • Can be used as an extender.
  • Can be joined to another piece of tubing or shock tube assembly using a joiner.
Each box contains 3000m
Box Dimensions: 605×310×365mm
Box Gross Weight: 20kg
Net Weight: 18kg
  • Rugged, abrasion resistant tubing which does not tangle
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Reliable
  • Oil resistant
Safety Benefits
The shock tube cannot be initiated by:
  • Radio transmissions
  • Radiations
  • Stray currents
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Burning / heat
  • Impact with a hammer or similar implement
  • Friction
Shock tube can be initiated by any of the following products:
  • Electric detonator
  • Electronic detonator
  • Detonating cords (minimum 5gPETN/m)
  • Surface delay assembly
  • Hand held shock tube initiators
  • Shot shell starters
Special Precaution
  • Handle with care as damage to the shock tube could lead to misfires
  • Never pull, stretch or kink the shock tube
  • RDX is toxic, avoid ingestion and inhalation of the RDX dust
  • RDX is very sensitive to shock and therefore explodes readily
  • When the shock tube is heated to decomposition it could emit traces of toxic carbon monoxide fumes
  • The shelf life of the product is 24 months from the date of manufacture, provided the ends are sealed with a suitable cap
  • Store in an approved cool and dry place
  • Abide by the legal storage requirements for the region
  • Always rotate stock (first in, first out)
Shock tube is used in the production of the various assemblies such as Water-proof Shock Tube Detonator and LP Delay Shock Tube Detonator. It can also be used as a extender on a blast.