Shocktube Delay Detonator

Surface detonator : 17ms  25ms  42ms  67ms  85ms  100ms 180ms
In-hole detonator : 350ms  500ms  1000ms  3600ms
Delay timing of Surface and In-hole detonators can be adjusted according to customers' requirement.


MS delay shock tube detonator consisted of a length of shock tube with a high strength detonator attached to one end and the other end sealed. A T type plastic connector is attached near the sealed end in order to be easy to connect with detonating cord. A tag is affixed near the plastic connector showing nominal delay time.
MS delay shock tube detonator is used as in-hole detonator to imitate the in-hole package explosive with detonator sensitive, and provide the millisecond delay time.
delay shock tube detonator is suitable to be used  in blasting operations of underground and surface mining, quarry and  construction projects where no explosion hazard of marsh gas and mine dust exist.
Initiating Power No.8 detonator
Function Temperature Range -40~+60
Water Resistance Immersed at 20m underwater for 24 hours, it will function reliably.
Oil Resistance Immersed in the 0# diesel oil at 80and 0.3Mpa pressure for 24 hours, it will function reliably.
Tensile Force When pulled with 98N tensile force for 1 minute, all parts will not be disconnected.
T Type plastic Connector Only suitable to connect with detonating cord.
Delay Number and Nominal Times
Number Time (ms) Number Time (ms)
0 0 13 325
1 25 14 350
2 50 15 375
3 75 16 400
4 100 17 425
5 125 18 450
6 150 19 475
7 175 20 500
8 200 21 600
9 225 22 700
10 250 23 800
11 275 24 900
12 300 25 1000

Instruction for use
The detonators cant be used where there is risk of firedamp explosion, fine breeze explosion or combustible breeze explosion.
In the operation, the shock tube should be refrained from being scraped, damaged, tied firmly or burned out and cant be cut at random. There cant be any impurity such as sand, stone, clay water and oil into shock tube to avoid affecting  detonation transmission.
When connecting detonation network with a plastic connector, the end length of shock tube piercing through the connector shall not be less than 20cm. Tie the shock tube end in order not to come off the connector.
Handling, transportation and storage
During handling and transportation, the product should be handled with great care, and shall never be dropped, knocked and impacted and shall be far away from heat source.
The product shall be kept in dry, cool and well-ventilated storeroom; the shelf life of the product is two years for the originally packed product.

Shipping Information
UN No.:   0361
Classification:  1.4B
MS delay shock tube detonator are packed into sealed plastic bags which are contained in a cardboard case. The case dimensions are 600X315X315mm.

The information given in this sheet cant possibly cover every application of the products or every condition under which the products are used. They are believed to be as accurate as possible, but no warranties are made, expressed or implied. Each user should make his own tests to determine the suitability of the products for his particular purposes. The product described may be subject to change.